Lessons learnt from Unzipped 2023: Men’s Health Exposed

June 22, 2023

An Inclusive, Healthy Workplace Starts with You!

During Unzipped 2023: Men’s Health Exposed we asked our attendees what their thoughts were about men’s health in the workplace and what support they have in place.

We’re excited to share with you key insights from our discussions around supporting men’s health in the workplace. 

Now, more than ever, businesses are recognising the value of prioritising employee health and wellbeing. Let’s dive into the findings!

Poll 1: The Current State of Health Support in Workplaces

71% of event participants already provide gender-inclusive health support at their workplaces. However, the support for men’s health specifically stands at a mere 2%. This highlights a gap that we collectively need to address.

Poll 2: Delaying Health Help – A Cause for Concern

It’s concerning that 83% of respondents reported they or their male colleagues have deferred seeking help for health issues. Prompt action can make all the difference in many health conditions. Your organisation has an opportunity to empower its workforce to prioritise their health.

Poll 3: Navigating the Barriers to Men’s Healthcare Engagement

Cultural stigma (53%) and embarrassment (35%) were identified as the major barriers to men engaging with healthcare. By fostering a workplace culture that encourages open conversations and eliminates stigma, we can start breaking these barriers down.

Poll 4: The Social Media Conundrum

While 58% find social media helpful in discussing health, 42% view it as potentially harmful. This underscores the need for responsible use of these platforms to promote accurate health information.

Poll 5: The Future of Men’s Health Benefits

Post-event, 33% of participants committed to introducing men’s health benefits for their global workforce. This is a testament to the increasing awareness and importance of holistic health benefits. If you’re part of the 28.75% who are already leading this charge, we salute your efforts!

Poll 6: Your Next Step in Boosting Men’s Health

These are some of the actions shared by participants that they’re committing to take in their organisation to improve men’s health going forward. These can serve as inspiration for your own organisation’s strategy:

  • “Not wait for a specific day or weeks to raise Men’s Health Topics. Love the poster ideas and bring some humour to subjects tastefully. Also desk workouts!”
  • “Review our offering”
  • “Provide more education through info sessions”
  • “Get Peppy!”
  • “Posters in the toilets to start the conversation”

Here are some top tips from Leah Gray, Benefits Manager at Marsh McLennan who spoke at the event.

  1. Create open dialogue – Normalise the conversation around men’s health in the workplace. Make it acceptable to talk about men’s health openly by appointing men’s health champions and encouraging senior business leaders to talk about their own health. Work towards breaking down stereotypes and stigmas such as the “man up” mentality.
  2. Educate through engagement – Make sure your comms about men’s health are clear and inclusive. Start with ‘softer’ topics like fitness or nutrition to engage them with their health, then use this as a platform to talk about harder-hitting men’s health issues. Engage colleagues through webinars, men’s groups and even competitions.
  3. Make support easy to access – Make healthcare resources like health assessments, home testing kits and apps readily available and easy to use. Healthcare should be confidential and accessible to encourage men to use it. For example, the Peppy app connects men to experts and resources, giving them a safe space to access trusted healthcare, wherever they are.

If you’ve been considering an effective way to support men’s health in your workplace, you’re not alone. Supporting your employees with Peppy is a promising step towards creating a healthier, happier and more inclusive workplace.

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