Peppy US set for rapid expansion in 2023

Mridula Pore

January 11, 2023

Our growth story so far and why securing Series B funding really matters

When we launched Peppy in 2018, I don’t think any of us could quite have anticipated how incredible the next few years would be. Peppy has seen some huge milestones reached, with the latest being news of our series B funding. This funding allows us to accelerate our expansion into the US, and continue to grow in the UK and elsewhere, bringing personalised care and 121 support from real human health experts, to even more people.

When we first introduced Peppy in the UK, menopause support as an employee benefit was a world-first. Soon there was a tidal wave of interest in this area and the potential impact of menopause on every single woman in this country began to become recognised, not to mention the knock-on effect for other people in their lives, on organisations and society as a whole.

And now Peppy is the world leader in menopause and men’s health benefits, as well as pioneering support for fertility, pregnancy and early parenthood, working with over 250 world leading enterprises. We serve employees in organisations as wide ranging as investment banks, top tier law firms, pharmaceutical companies, major global media, construction and infrastructure firms and retailers. 

This journey is only just beginning in the US. The awareness of menopause in the USA is starting to grow, but it can still often be a taboo topic. We’re honoured to know that Peppy will be part of a US healthcare movement that brings gender specific support issues like menopause to the forefront – just as we have done in the UK.

The future is looking very exciting for Peppy and we know there’s so much more we can do.

We’ve been honoured to have the enthusiastic support and confidence of the many investors, partners, clients, members and the team, who have doubled down on their support year on year and made Peppy what it is today.