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Specialist healthcare & wellbeing support delivered by expert practitioners. On your smartphone.

Our services

Healthy Minds

Support for employees struggling to cope in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis


Allow your employees to take their financial wellbeing in their hands


Support for employees struggling with menopause inside and outside the workplace


Support for employees during the critical period before and after the birth of a baby


Support for employees who are considering having a baby or struggling to conceive

Why Peppy?

Stand by your employees in times of crisis

Keep your workforce mentally and emotionally healthy, thanks to the support of our specialist mental health practitioners.


Peppy supports your employees all the way from transformative life events, such as the menopause, to managing day to day mental wellbeing or staying on top of their finances.

A benefit that employees love

Our app-based products are modern and innovative with outstanding engagement rates and feedback.

All our services allow employees to chat to expert practitioners & advisors through their smartphone. Any question, any time, as much as they like.

Services also include specialist video call appointments, mental wellbeing programmes and access to Peppy’s libraries of resources and toolkits.

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What people are saying about us


BMS Chair

" I'm delighted to join Peppy to launch an innovate menopause support service for women, backed up by employers. "


Menopause practitioner

" Personalised menopause advice and support has been too hard to find for too long. Peppy is a game-changer. "


Peppy co-founder

" It means so much to me to be able to help women at all key life stages. Better menopause support can make such a difference. "


NHS employee

" Had I had access 12 months ago it would have probably resulted in me staying well and not having as much time off sick as a result last year. Thank you so much. "


Peppy user

" The advice through Peppy Chat has been invaluable for me. Knowing I can get an answer from a professional, without having to use Google, has been such a relief and much less stressful. "


Santander employee

" Really really good! Appreciate Santander more now as they’re proving they take this seriously (...). Thank you "

Margot Swadley

Kantar Media

" Kantar Media wants to support our employees whatever their stage of life so it is wonderful to be able to offer something to new parents with Peppy. "

Ray Berg

Osborne Clarke

" We have always prioritised supporting parents in the workplace, and taking part in Peppy keeps us at the cutting edge of innovation in this space. "


Peppy user

" Having had a traumatic birth, a very premature baby, and postnatal issues, this is exactly what I needed. I was feeling very isolated and under supported. "


Peppy user

" This has honestly made a huge difference to me. Being able to chat with women who are at the same point as me and can relate to the stage that I’m at has been amazing. "


Peppy user

" I’ve felt less isolated, supported by practitioners who have real experience in the areas I’ve needed support in. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource "

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Included in our services:

Healthy Minds
  • Healthy Minds Programmes
  • Small group chats
  • One-to-one chat support with an expert practitioner
  • Coping measures for anxiety and stress
  • Specialist advice for specific categories: pregnancy, families with babies, caring for elderly
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  • Chat with an expert practitioner
  • 45 minute initial appointment with an expert menopause practitioner
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Specialist menopause mental health support
  • Online group exercises classes for women over 40
  • Discounts on curated products
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  • One-to-one chat support with an expert practitioner
  • Small group chats
  • One-to-one chat with a mental health support practitioner
  • Unlimited online group exercise sessions
  • Lactation consultant video call
  • Baby sleep consultant video call
  • Discounts on curated baby & mum products
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  • Chat with an expert practitioner
  • 45-minute initial appointment with an expert fertility practitioner
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Specialist fertility mental health support
  • Unlimited online group exercise sessions
  • Discounts on curated fertility products
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Financial Health
  • Chat with a specialist financial advisor
  • Get feedback on your spending and saving habits
  • Plan for your financial goals
  • Make some meaningful changes to improve your financial well-being
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