We believe that major life transitions – like trying to conceive, bringing a baby home for the first time and going through menopause – present unique challenges that leave many people needing extra support for the first time. They aren’t ‘ill’ in the medical sense but their individual health and the health of their families are vulnerable. If left unsupported, the life transition may dramatically impact absence, presenteeism and retention.

Similarly, the current Covid-19 crisis is creating significant challenges for individuals who see their physical and mental wellbeing at threat, while in may cases having to adapt to the work-from-home guidance or to new caring responsibilities.

At these critical times conventional healthcare lets toomany people down and private medical insurance provides almost no cover. Other employee benefits such as Employee Assistance Programmes may claim to provide support on paper but are typically generic and impersonal.

Peppy gives forward-thinking employers a tangible tool to show their employees that they care about their health and wellbeing, both inside and outside the workplace.

Peppy isn’t a fuzzy benefit. In a major trial with a large retail bank:

  • 90% of employees receiving support from Peppy reported that they felt more positive about their employer.
  • 6% reported a decrease in the severity of their symptoms.
  • 81% of participants engaged with our practitioners at least once per week (versus <1% for a conventional EAP)

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