Industry Leaders, Edelman, Launch Peppy

January 21, 2021

Q. What’s even more impressive than being awarded UK PR Agency of the Decade?

A. Offering all staff expert fertility, parenthood & menopause support.

Luckily for Edelman, they don’t have to choose. The company was awarded UK PR Agency of the Decade by PR Week in 2020, and has just become the first marketing and communications agency to offer Peppy to all UK employees.

Since their inception 10-years ago, in 2011, Edelman has worked hard to achieve gender parity across the firm.

Their actions today take them closer to this goal. As well as launching Peppy, which will give free, remote, expert support to all employees (and their partners) who are going through a fertility journey, becoming a parent or experiencing the menopause, Edelman has launched a new, industry-leading menopause policy. 

Under the new policy, Edelman UK & Ireland will offer paid “time-out days” for anyone experiencing the menopause. The firm will also support any changes to working environments to make them more comfortable, and is committed to allowing changes to working patterns which positively impact its colleagues going through the menopause.

Peppy: giving Edelman employees human connection.

“If the last 12 months have shown us anything, it’s that we all need human connection and, as a company, that we need to continue to be innovative and forward thinking.

We need to create a culture of inclusivity and provide a supportive environment in order for our employees to thrive. Culture can’t just be words on a piece of paper, it has to be words supported by actions. This is why we’ve chosen to work with Peppy.

All our colleagues within Edelman UK will now have access to the Peppy app and be able to connect with medical experts and a community of other app users – for personalised, meaningful fertility, perinatal and menopause support, all at the touch of a button.

Peppy is just one of the tools we are using to help our employees get the support they need when they face some of life’s most significant changes.”

– Jonni Learoyd, Head of HR Operations EMEA at Edelman

Peppy is just part of the solution.

By offering their employees expert-led digital healthcare support with Peppy, Edelman have positioned themselves as forward-thinking employers. But none of this is new to the firm.

In previous years, they launched a trailblazing fertility policy which offers a number of days a year to employees who are going through fertility treatment, as well as a policy aimed at providing physical and emotional support to employees affected by a miscarriage. Edelman also offers gender neutral maternity, adoption and shared parental leave.

Proud to be working with Edelman.

Peppy’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mridula Pore, said about this launch: “Edelman’s actions mark a seismic shift for the marketing and communications industry. Rather than talking about creating a culture of fairness and equality, they are doing the right thing.

Regardless of age, background or gender, Edelman employees are being genuinely looked after through life’s ups and downs, including fertility, parenthood and menopause with Peppy. We are thrilled to see Edelman become industry leaders for workplace wellbeing, and proud to be part of a bigger picture of holistic employee support from Edelman.”

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