Peppy just got Peppier.

October 11, 2020

Peppy user using new Peppy app

Introducing our new look.

We hope you love it.


Since 2018, Peppy has offering people support in the moments that matter. Menopause, fertility journeys, pregnancy, early parenthood and even the Covid-19 crisis.

Because we believe no one should have to face life’s big transitions alone.

2020 has been a year of big changes. In our ‘New Normal’ world, we thought it was time for a new (and improved) normal for Peppy.


Welcome to our new look and feel. It’s open, friendly and clear… a lot like we are.


Our new logo has pep. It incorporates our brand tagline, ‘Support in the moments that matter.’

Our colours are refined and vibrant (and we’ve kept our Peppy Green, because it’s been with us since Day One).

Our words are straight-forward and never too clever, because there are enough barriers in life without language being one of them.

Our photography shows the moments that matter, bringing to life real people who are living through real-life moments.


Peppy. Support in the moments that matter.


We may look different, but our mission is the same as always:

We’re on a mission to provide world-class support to people’s lives by bringing organisations, teams and experts together in the moments that matter.


Peppy is here to help. Any time, anywhere, at the touch of a button via a secure mobile app.

Think Peppy could be right for your team? Get in touch at or book an introduction to Peppy by following this link.