Menopause support resource by the Law Society & Peppy

Experiencing menopause in the legal profession

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The Law Society, in partnership with Peppy, has produced guidance to help individuals and firms access the support they need.

In partnership with Peppy Health, an organisation offering personalised menopause support, the Law Society has launched a comprehensive menopause support resource to help individuals and organisations understand the topic and the impact it can have.

With over half of the legal profession being female, and a growing number of mid-life women remaining in their careers, it’s imperative we lift the stigma on the menopause, and all issues faced by women.

The resource covers suggestions to organisations on adjusting working environments, what actions and behaviours are discriminatory and how to curate a supportive and inclusive culture. It also offers advice to all women, both currently experiencing the menopause and those that wish to be prepared and involved in paving the way for their generation.

Click here to download the Law Society’s Menopause Guidance


Launch event

To celebrate the release of this guidance and Menopause Awareness Month, we held a free virtual event on Thursday 17 September.

We were joined by speakers sharing best practice, discussing their personal experiences and the landscape for people experiencing menopause at work.

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Click here to download the Law Society’s Menopause Guidance