Vitality now Offers our World-Class Menopause Support to all UK Employees!

September 22, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that, from today, Vitality is offering Peppy’s first-of-its-kind Menopause Support Service to all UK employees (and their partners!).

As the first insurance company to offer leading menopause support to its staff, Vitality is showing that it is not afraid to do things differently. 

This launch coincides with September as Menopause Awareness Month, highlighting Vitality’s commitment towards raising awareness and promoting conversations around menopause in the workplace.

Vitality takes diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace seriously, because it is good for their business, their people and society. 

By offering Peppy to all members of staff and their partners, Vitality gives their people access to expert practitioners, one-to-one and group chats and an extensive library of resources and materials designed to support people going through menopause and their loved ones. All this is accessible at work and at home via the Peppy app.

It is fantastic to see Vitality lead the way in employee menopause support. We look forward to working together on menopause awareness initiatives in the future. Vitality – welcome to Peppy!

About Peppy

Peppy provides personalised health support to employees going through life’s big transitions, such as becoming a parent, fertility treatment or going through the menopause. The company was founded by Max LandryEvan Harris and Mridula Pore in 2018 and works with a wide range of employers to provide support to their employees.

For more information on how Peppy can support your team, get in touch via and we would be delighted to have a chat. If you’d like to explore Peppy further, please click here to look at our website and the services we provide.

About Vitality

Vitality has pioneered positively different health insurance, life insurance and investments.

Vitality has a core purpose to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. They also believe in the idea of ‘shared value’, a unique approach to insurance based on the scientifically proven principles of behavioural economics.

The way Vitality puts shared value into action is by helping their members – and people – take a more active role in managing their own wellness. This can encourage the development of healthy long-term habits that are good for them, good for Vitality as an organisation and good for society