Vitality Partners with Peppy

October 16, 2020

By partnering with Peppy, Vitality becomes the first health insurer to offer a dedicated menopause support service.

Vitality’s announcement marks a new era for menopause care, just in time for World Menopause Day (Sunday 18th October).

Vitality is known for doing things differently. Their approach to menopause support is no different.

We are proud to announce that, from early 2021, Vitality members* will receive expert personalised support from Peppy. This makes Vitality the first insurer in the UK to provide dedicated menopause support as part of its standard health insurance plans.


Why menopause, why now?

Because women aged 50 and over are the fastest growing workforce demographic in the UK**, and because today 47% of the UK workforce will go through the menopause during their working lives.

As the role and influence of menopausal people grows, so too does the need to reduce stigma around the menopause and support people through this major, inevitable life transition.


What this means for Vitality members.

For Vitality members*, this means getting access to expert support and a wealth of resources through Peppy, an app-based digital health platform.

Peppy users will be able to make appointments with expert menopause practitioners, via phone or video call, as well as one-to-one or group text chat, online webinars and exercise classes.

What’s more, Peppy’s practitioners will be able to refer members directly back to Vitality for treatment where required.***

Vitality is also using this partnership to work with employers as part of its health insurance offering, to consider the potential debilitating effects of menopause on employees, as well as the support they can offer to consider any potential impact on productivity, presenteeism and abseentism.


Dr Keith Klintworth, Group COO and Managing Director, VitalityHealth:

“Going through menopause can be a challenging and isolating time for many, with the symptoms of menopause particularly debilitating for some, significantly impacting their day-to-day lives and in particular their work.

“With this in mind, we are proud to be the first insurer to provide a specific service to support our members physically and mentally through the menopause, further reinforcing our holistic approach to healthcare.”


Mridula Pore, CEO and Co-Founder of Peppy:

“Menopause can be a life-changing event. We’re thrilled to be able to extend our support and to see Vitality become industry leaders, ensuring their members have the menopausal support they need, when they want it and all at the touch of a button.

“In the future, we hope the provision of expert menopause support will be standard for all health insurance companies and we are proud Peppy is playing an integral part in that change.”


Peppy gives its users support in the moments that matter. For more information about Peppy, visit or get in touch at


* VitalityHealth members with a Personal Healthcare, Business Healthcare or Corporate Healthcare plan

** ONS Data 2018

*** Subject to plan eligibility