App Users FAQs

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What is Peppy?

  • What is Peppy?

    Peppy is the leading health app that connects you to real, human experts, giving you the care and answers you need to take control of your health, every day. Our highly trained practitioners support you through areas of health that fall through the gaps all too often – menopause, fertility, having a baby, women’s health and men’s health.

    They offer expertise, delivered with time, passion and empathy.

  • Why does Peppy exist?

    We know that everywhere, every day, people are silently juggling their own health concerns. From unanswered questions that become something bigger to major health challenges that leave you feeling like there’s nowhere to turn, underserved areas of health can impact your personal life and your work life too. 

    Peppy’s here to help fill some of the gaps in healthcare. We give employers the power to support their whole workforce with personalised, expert health support.

Registration and usage

  • Who can use Peppy?

    Peppy is accessible to all employees aged 18+, based in the UK. In some cases, Peppy may also be available to employees in other parts of the world – speak to your HR manager for more details.

  • How do I get started with Peppy?

    Step 1: Search and download the ‘Peppy Health’ app in the App Store or Google Play store. 

    Step 2: Download and open the app. 

    Step 3: Enter your first name and register with your work email address (your work email will only be used to verify your employment and therefore your eligibility to access Peppy). If you don’t have a work email address, click ‘Register another way’ and submit your access code. 

    Step 4: Enter your personal email address and confidential chat username. The personal email address will be used for communications along with the in-app chat function. 

    Step 5: Create a secure password and accept the app T&Cs. 

    Step 6: Complete a brief introduction questionnaire. This will help us show you the most relevant content for your situation and help our team of health experts understand what areas you might be most interested in receiving support for.

  • Is Peppy free?

    Peppy is paid for by your employer and is free for you to use. You have unlimited access to all parts of the Peppy app, including one-to-one chat and virtual consultations, broadcasts and group chat, as well as all on-demand articles, videos and audio content.

  • How do I know my information is confidential and won't be shared with my employer?

    All information that is shared with Peppy by a user is completely confidential. We will never share any personal data or individual registration details with your employer. You can also choose a username at registration to ensure confidentiality.

  • Can I continue to use Peppy if I leave my company?

    Peppy is only available through your employer. Therefore, if you leave, it isn’t possible to continue using Peppy and your access will be removed.

  • How do I register if I don't have a work email address?

    Your employer will provide you with an access code which you can use to register for Peppy. You will need to select ‘My employer provides Peppy’ and when asked for your work email address, select ‘Register another way’.

  • If I opt-in to group chat or attend events, will I be put in a group with other people from my company and will they know it's me?

    You may be placed in a group chat with your colleagues, but we try to avoid this. In all of our peer-to-peer sessions, you appear with the username you choose. You also have the option to keep your video switched off if you do not want anyone to see you.

  • What time can I use the chat?

    You can send a chat message 24/7. Our human, expert practitioners are online to respond at the following times:

    Menopause, Baby and Fertility: Monday – Friday, 9 am GMT – 9 pm GMT 

    Women’s Health and Men’s Health: Monday – Friday, 9 am GMT – 6 pm GMT

  • What if I sign up to an event in the app but am unable to attend?

    Peppy’s fitness classes and healthy minds events are recorded and shared after the event, so if you’re unable to attend, register for an event and you will receive the recording shortly after. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics we cover, we do not record all events. We hold live events every week, many of which are recurring. If you can’t make it, hopefully, you’ll be able to attend the next one. Plus, many of the topics discussed are available in articles and videos within the app.

  • How often is the app updated?

    The app is continually updated, with new content added weekly.

  • What do I need to use the app?

    You need a smartphone so you can download the Peppy app from the App Store or Google Play. You also need access to the internet in order to use the app and access all the support available.

  • How long is a virtual consultation?

    Unlike the usual 9-minute GP appointments, consultations with Peppy practitioners last up to 40 minutes.

  • How do I switch between services if my circumstances change?

    Step 1: When on the Peppy app homepage, please select the Settings button in the top right of the screen 

    Step 2: Now that you are on the Settings page, you should be able to scroll down and see the option to ‘Choose vertical’ 

    Step 3: Please select the vertical you wish to swap over to, you will then be asked to confirm you wish to change to this vertical 

    Step 4: Once confirmed, you will then begin the registration process for the new vertical. Please complete the onboarding questions in one go, so your private chat with our team of practitioners can be created. They’ll have all your information so you can start chatting straight away. 

    Step 5: Once completed, you’ll also have access to articles and videos, live broadcast events and consultations from your chosen service — just let your practitioners know you’re interested and they can help get you set up.

Peppy practitioners

  • Who am I talking to on the Peppy app?

    When you use Peppy’s one-to-one chat or have a virtual consultation, you’re connecting to a real, human expert. Our world-class, specialist practitioners are passionate about their areas of expertise and truly care. They’re here to support you, whatever you’re facing.

  • Will I always talk to the same person?

    Not always. However, while you may talk to different people, there is a handover process which is completely seamless. Your new practitioner will have access to your conversation history and therefore is able to pick up from your previous practitioner.

  • What are the qualifications of the Peppy practitioners?

    All Peppy practitioners are accredited by their relevant professional bodies and have a minimum of five years of experience in their discipline.