Why we’re Launching Peppy Fertility

September 3, 2020

At Peppy, we believe that no one should have to face life’s big challenges alone. We understand that planning and starting a family is a journey that can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. That’s why we’re excited to launch a trial of Peppy Fertility.

Building on the success of our Parenthood, Healthy Minds and Menopause services, Peppy Fertility gives users access to fertility experts and trusted resources right in the palm of their hand so that they can navigate their fertility journey with confidence.

Peppy Fertility offers users:

  • Private one-to-one text chat with an expert fertility practitioner
  • Access to vetted resources
  • Phone consultations with a specialist fertility practitioner
  • Peer-to-peer support through fertility communities
  • Specialist fertility mental health support

We recently piloted our fertility service with a cohort of users from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We thought we’d share some preliminary insights:

Stages of the fertility journey

During the pilot, we were interested to see which
stage on the fertility journey was most likely to give people cause to reach out to our Peppy experts. What we saw was a mix of people from all stages of the fertility journey put their hand up to take part in the pilot and connect with our experts.

Our two largest cohorts by journey stage were individuals who had been trying to conceive for some time but had not yet sought medical advice and those who were already involved with fertility treatment. For people in these stages, Peppy was able to provide support and independent guidance to help them understand what is normal, how to best track factors such as ovulation, questions to ask when visiting healthcare professionals and much more.

Peppy also provided access to fertility mental health counsellors and experts on matters of sperm and egg donation and surrogacy to help participants who might be experiencing a sense of loss as a result of multiple unsuccessful treatment cycles or who are looking for alternative pathways to parenthood.

One thing that participants from all cohorts told us is that fertility is a very personal matter. Seeking medical advice can seem daunting. Through Peppy, users had the ability to chat anonymously with an expert fertility practitioner. During the trial, we saw many individuals who wanted to understand if their experience was normal. They also wanted to seek guidance as to when and how to navigate the medical system.

Participants also told us that they often felt alone on their journey. The nature of fertility treatment leads people to shy away from discussing their experience with managers and colleagues. The treatment journey can be an emotionally challenging time and many
participants expressed gratitude for having access to someone to chat with about how they were feeling.

Engaging with our experts

The cohorts that engaged the most with our experts did not necessarily reflect the makeup of the whole participant group:

The nature of engagement with our practitioners varied by journey stage. We saw a lot of engagement from those participants who were receiving treatment. This fact speaks to the often-confusing process of receiving fertility treatment and the lack of places to turn to for independent advice.

We also saw lots of engagement from those participants who were still early in their fertility journey. This group seem to have experienced a lot of conflicting information, often online. Our experts were able to bust myths as well as guide participants towards informed conversations with their regular healthcare professionals.

Younger than you might think

The average age of participants was 34.5, with the youngest being 27 and the oldest being 46. There was minimal variation in average age across cohorts in different stages of their journey:

This data highlights that fertility is an issue that is relevant to a broader range of ages than is often recognised. As an employer, it is crucial to remember that employees of any almost age could be experiencing any stage of the fertility journey. Given the intensely private nature of fertility, as an employer, it isn’t easy to provide meaningful support to employees during the emotional rollercoaster of a fertility journey. Through Peppy employers can provide their people access to the help and guidance they need in the moments they need it all while maintaining privacy.

To find out more about how Peppy can help you give your people the support they need during life’s big challenges, head to www.peppy.health/employer