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  • A safe space to discuss your symptoms, concerns & treatment option with a qualified menopause practitioner who has trained in NHS women's health clinics
  • Advice tailored to you, aligned with clinical best practice and NHS guidelines
  • 45 minute telephone consultation, available daytime, evenings and weekends
  • Personalised report and a list of vetted resources
  • Affordable at only £99

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BMS Chair

" I'm delighted to join Peppy to launch an innovate menopause support service for women, backed up by employers. "


Menopause practitioner

" Personalised menopause advice and support has been too hard to find for too long. Peppy is a game-changer. "


Peppy co-founder

" It means so much to me to be able to help women at all key life stages. Better menopause support can make such a difference. "


Young mum

" I know nothing about menopause! And my mum has never talked about it either. I want to be better prepared when my time arrives. "


Startup founder

" It's fantastic to see Peppy move from supporting new mums to supporting women at mid-life. Bravo! "