Our mission is to make it easier for women experiencing menopause to find support they need.

The menopause is a time of major hormonal changes. Some women seem to sail through it and others struggle to understand their symptoms, or have many questions about what they can do to manage their health, both in the short term and in the long term. There can be difficult topics to broach; whether or not to use HRT, psychological health, sex, intimacy and incontinence. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable discussing these with your regular doctor, colleagues or even with friends and partners, however supportive they may be.

The reality is that too many women don’t have access to the support they need from their families, communities, the NHS and private healthcare insurers. This can impact your health, confidence and quality of life at work and at home.

We believe that no woman should be unsupported during this time. So we built Peppy Menopause to help women find fully qualified, fully insured and fully vetted practitioners and curated products that you can trust. No more Google searches, spreadsheets and crossing your fingers (or legs!).

Together we can all help to create better futures.


Kathy Abernethy

Director of Menopause Services

Kathy is a menopause specialist and outgoing Chair of the British Menopause Society. Kathy has a Masters degree in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Healthcare and has spent her entire career helping women to make informed decisions about all aspects of menopausal health. Kathy is the author of Menopause: The One Stop Guide which aims to help women to make informed decisions about all aspects of menopausal health.

Mridula Pore


Mridula has spent her career driving innovations in healthcare that make it more accessible and affordable. Most recently she has led commercial teams in the pharmaceuticals and digital health industries. Prior to that she was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co. She has a PhD in chemical engineering from MIT and an MBA from the MIT Sloan. She loves dancing, being outdoors, literature and spending time with friends and family.

Max Landry


Max has spent his career launching and building businesses. Most recently he co-founded and served as Chief Executive of The Conversation. Prior to that he co-founded and served as Managing Director of Paperstone, one of the first online suppliers of office products. He loves cooking, boxing and spending time with his young family.

Evan Harris


Evan is passionate about all things related to health. Among other things he was the COO of the UK’s largest pathology company and recently led a national healthcare workforce of over 2,000 staff that included 1,300 clinicians (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists). He is a keen runner, gym-goer and takes way too many supplements. Peppy is his third startup.