HRT shortages updated

April 26, 2020

Disclaimer: This resource aims to assist in prescribing decisions and offer women confidence about switching products. Always refer to British National Formulary for complete prescribing guidelines and Summary of Product Characteristics for details of products. The situation with HRT stocks is changing regularly and is correct at date of publication.

Written by Kathy Abernethy RN MClinSci; BMS Registered Menopause Specialist; former Chair of the British Menopause Society; Director of Peppy Menopause Services; and Co-Lead of NHS Menopause Service, Harrow.

• Are you a health care professional or woman trying to switch to an HRT that has good availability?

• Are you finding it hard to understand which are equivalents and how they match in terms of hormonal component and dose?

The HRTs mentioned below are ones that women have reported having availability issues. It may be that some are easier to get than others in some areas and some may not be included in all CCG formularies.

Bear in mind that women respond individually to HRT, so even the closest of matches may not always be as good as one they have been using. Even tablets that might seem identical might have different constituents.

You can print this and take it to your GP or menopause specialist to aid discussion. To download a pdf version, click here: HRT Shortages – tips for women

Any change of HRT can lead to early side effects and a change in bleeding pattern. Three monthly review is recommended.