Peppy for employees

One-to-one menopause support on your smartphone

Peppy for Employees

Connect with an expert menopause practitioner through your smartphone.

Any question, any time.

No more frustrating Google searches and no need to rely on friends and family who – let's face it – may not give you the right advice.

It's reassuring and incredibly convenient. Like having an expert friend on the end of the phone.

A safe space to discuss your symptoms, concerns & treatment options with an NHS-trained menopause practitioner.

Advice tailored to you, aligned with clinical best practice and NHS guidelines.

Personalised report and a list of vetted resources

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Following your initial appointment, you may still require extra advice and support.

Follow-up appointments are included in your package to ensure that you receive as much support as you need.

We all know that life can start to feel overwhelming sometimes and that having someone to talk to can make all the difference.

All of our mental health support practitioners have the highest level qualifications and have been interviewed to assess their real world experience of supporting women in mid-life.

Sessions will be allocated by our menopause practitioners on an as-needed basis. All sessions are conducted by telephone and last up to an hour. Note that the calls are not appropriate for trauma and other complex conditions.

Exercising as you enter mid-life can be the last thing on a woman's mind. But it becomes even more important to be active and healthy, and to do so in a safe and sustainable way.

Our exercise practitioners are experts in women's health. They'll only recommend exercises which are safe, fun and effective.

All courses are streamed live so they're accessible through any connected device. Sessions typically last 20 minutes and take place 3 times per week. You can log into as many sessions as you like.

Exclusive discounts on a range of women's health products that have been recommended by our menopause practitioners.

Only available to employees of Peppy clients