Mid-life women are the fastest growing segment in the UK workforce yet the key healthcare challenge affecting these women – the menopause – has received little attention until now. This has created a serious healthcare and gender equality issue as evidence shows that half of women experience debilitating symptoms that impact their work performance and contribute to workplace absence and attrition.

With this in mind, we are absolutely delighted to launch our new menopause support service led by Kathy Abernethy, Menopause Specialist and outgoing Chair of the British Menopause Society British Menopause Society. The service is the first of its kind and a major step forward in our mission to launch a new era in employee healthcare benefits.

Kathy has a Masters degree in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Healthcare and has spent her entire career helping women to make informed decisions about all aspects of menopausal health. Kathy is the author of Menopause: The One Stop Guide, and has worked tirelessly with us to shape an exceptional service that will grow to support millions of women across the UK and beyond.

The Peppy menopause package includes two one-to-one consultations with an experienced menopause practitioner as well as access to hand-picked nutritionists, physiotherapists, exercise-instructors and mental health practitioners. The support is specific, personalised and designed to empower women to take better control of their health during one of life’s key transitions.

Ahead of our launch on the 19th of June, we are offering complimentary appointments to employers who wish to trial the service. To benefit from this offer, please contact hello@peppy.health.

Let’s work together to empower women at the peak of their careers by providing the right support, at the right time.