It’s been non-stop here at Peppy since launching our menopause service on 19 June.

The feedback from our first cohort of customers has been excellent. They’ve told us that their appointments have been incredibly empowering and they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the openness and empathy shown by our practitioners. So far so good!

That said, a one-to-one appointment with a private menopause practitioner is a relatively new concept and many women won’t be prepared to pay for the services themselves.

That’s why our vision is to make it totally normal for employers to subsidise the cost of Peppy services. After all, mid-life women are the fastest growing segment of the UK workforce. And leading employers are looking for ways to attract, engage and retain the best employees.

As part of getting the message out to HR teams and other decision makers, we recently exhibited at a leading employee wellness event in the City. The great and the good of employee wellness were there, including decision makers from many FTSE 100 corporates. We were pitching the full range of Peppy services but found that more than 70% of the people we spoke to were mostly interested in menopause services. This shows how much menopause awareness has grown and how willing employers are to do more.

Wish us luck! If you know of any employers who might want to find our more about Peppy then please contact Max on We’d love to hear from you.