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Peppy in the community

Peppy in the community

When we say we’re here for everybody, we mean it. Our not-for-profit work gives accessible support to people when they need it most. We are changing people's lives and proving that with the right support in place, anything is possible.

Projects we’re proud of

“Peppy was the only provider of perinatal support selected by the NHS as part of their Covid-19 response.”

– Evan Harris, COO and Co-Founder, Peppy"

Peppy was awarded funding as part of the highly-competitive TechForce19 challenge. TechForce19 is an NHSx-led initiative to identify and scale tech-enabled solutions for the vulnerable and isolated during the Covid-19 crisis.

“There were over 1,600 applicants from around the world for TechForce 19 Stage 1. Peppy was one of just three selected to get funding for Stage 2.”

–Mridula Pore, CEO and Co-Founder, Peppy

Following on from the success of TechForce19 Stage 1, we were invited to take part in a second TechForce19 during the winter of 20/21. The trial of our Peppy Baby programme gave 250 parents-to-be in Central and South Manchester access to world-class support for them and their baby, with a focus on mental wellbeing, infant feeding and pelvic health. The study saw over 85% engagement from participants, with extremely positive signs on the impact of Peppy on breastfeeding continuation rates.

Black mums: your lives and the lives of your babies matter."

–Mars Lord

In January 2021, Mars Lord launched a campaign to tackle maternal mortality rates among Black mums and their babies. Black Mums Matter Too aims to identify how digital health solutions such as Peppy can address underlying causes of health inequalities for Black mums and mums-to-be. This comes in response to the fact that Black women in the UK are four to five times more likely to die during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-birth than white women, and up to twice as likely to experience a stillbirth. As part of the campaign, two hundred Black mums and mums-to-be received perinatal support on the Peppy app, and the good news is that first reports back are extremely encouraging.

During these strange times, Peppy has been very helpful. It’s so reassuring to have Peppy in the event of something going wrong. Peppy is to me what a cuddle is to a baby!

Marlene, TechForce19 Stage 2 participant

Marlene, TechForce19 Stage 2 participant

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