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Menopause support with Peppy

If you think menopause is just a women’s issue, think again. It’s a workplace issue. Women of menopausal age are the fastest-growing demographic in the UK workforce today, and of this number:


experience menopause symptoms


say their symptoms have negatively impacted their work

1 in 4

consider leaving their job due to menopause symptoms


have taken time off work related to menopause

Change your business for the better

Talking about menopause is healthy. But offering expert support to your colleagues and their partners with Peppy Menopause is so much better. In fact, our users say it’s life changing.

Let's talk about why

Why Peppy Menopause works

Peppy Menopause is a safe space where people can talk about all their menopause symptoms, concerns and treatment options with highly trained and accredited expert menopause practitioners.

Your employees get…

Practitioner chat

Practitioner chat

Instant messaging with experienced menopause practitioners.

One-to-one consultation

One-to-one consultation

A 40-minute phone or video call with a practitioner, if they need it.

Anytime access

Anytime access

Articles and programmes at the touch of a button.

Complete confidentiality

Complete confidentiality

Room to speak freely in private, one-to-one.

What’s more, we are…


We’re here for everyone, whatever their age, whatever their gender, for your colleagues and their partners too.


We appreciate there are some subjects that people find hard to talk about. We make it easy, we keep it between us.


No more fruitless Google searches or half-formed pictures. Our practitioners know the whole story.


Your people can reach us on their smartphone, at a time that suits them. No time off needed.

Support for the long run

Peppy offers your people a variety of additional tools and resources to help their menopause journey:

8-week Menopause programme

8-week Menopause programme

Leading voice in the menopause world, Kathy Abernethy, created this unique 8-week programme to address the issues people face during menopause – like dealing with hot flushes, and the impact of menopause on close relationships. And there’s expert practitioner-moderated group chat, for those who want to share their experience in a safe, informed space.

Mental wellbeing support

Mental wellbeing support

Menopause isn’t simply about dealing with hot flushes. Psychological symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog and insomnia can put a strain on your colleagues’ home and work life. It’s why Peppy offers one-to-one instant messaging with specialist mental wellbeing practitioners, so your people always have someone to talk to when they need it.

Live broadcast events

Live broadcast events

Our informal, interactive weekly events, featuring Peppy practitioners and leading voices in healthcare, cover the topics that matter to users such as ‘how sex changes during menopause’, ‘understanding your teenager’, and ‘how to cope with anxiety using simple CBT tools’. We also offer live virtual events to support your people’s training and education. It’s all included in the Peppy plan.

I want this for my people

Why is Peppy
good for business?

  • The gender pay gap is widest for women over 50. The right menopause will benefit your organisation's gender pay gap
  • People are working longer. When you invest in the wellbeing of your seniorworkforce, you're also investing in their talent, knowledge and skills
  • Keeping your team happy and healthy with menopause support will help yourbusiness achieve your cultural and commercial goals
  • The proof is here. 81% of Peppy Menopause users felt more committed to their employer for offering Peppy

Employer testimonials

"The impact it's had has been really deep"

Debbie Bullock,
Wellbeing Lead

"It's time for us to change how we talk and act about menopause"

Jaqui McBurnie,
Senior Programme Manager
NHS England

Leading businesses are working with Peppy to support women in their workforce through this natural life stage. Let us help keep your business happy and healthy, too.

Join them