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Men’s Health

Men’s health support with Peppy

The way we support men's health needs to change. Men's Health allows you to you empower your people to take control of their health and wellbeing.

1 in 5

men will die before they are old enough to retire


of premature male deaths are preventable

2 in 3

men in the UK are overweight


of men in the UK have experienced a common mental health issue

Give men in your business the support they really need

Men make up 50% of the population and a large proportion of your workforce, but very few health solutions are designed with men in mind. Employers – it's time to take action to change the way we think, talk, and act about men's health and wellbeing.

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What areas of men's health does Peppy support?

Peppy has launched the first digital workplace wellbeing solution that gives employees personalised support, designed specifically for men.

The support men need at every stage

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Weight management, nutrition, exercise and general health

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Anxiety, addictive behaviours, anger management, suicide awareness

Male-specific cancers

Male-specific cancers

Including prostate, bladder, testicular and kidney cancers

Hormonal and sexual health

Hormonal and sexual health

Erectile issues, libido, psychosexual support, testosterone, STIs



Including the penis, plumbing and prostate

What’s more, we are…


We’re here for everyone, whatever their age, whatever their gender, for your colleagues and their partners too.


We appreciate there are some subjects that people find hard to talk about. We make it easy, we keep it between us.


No more fruitless Google searches or half-formed pictures. Our practitioners know the whole story.


Your people can reach us on their smartphone, at a time that suits them. No time off needed.

"Peppy is a game-changer"

Introducing a first-of-its-kind, digital support service for men.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Working men are 50% less likely than working women to visit their GP. With Men's Health, your colleagues can access trustworthy information written by experts at the touch of a button, 24/7.

Discreet and easy-to-use

Discreet and easy-to-use

Research shows that men are more likely to engage with health services that are anonymous and accessible remotely. With Peppy, users can connect to a men's health expert on their phone, without anyone having to know.

Designed with men in mind

Designed with men in mind

We know that the majority of healthcare services have been designed with a female audience in mind, which is why our comms and content have been created specifically to target and resonate with men.

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Why is Men's Health
good for business?

  • On average, men work longer hours than women, making them more at risk of stress, overworking, fatigue, anger and irritation.
  • This also makes men less able to access traditional health and wellbeing services and benefits. Men's Health fills that gap.
  • When you keep your team healthy and happy, you help your organisation achieve its cultural and commercial goals.
  • Following a trial of Peppy with a leading retail bank, 90% of users felt more positively about their employer after just 4 weeks.

Leading businesses are working with Peppy to support their workforce through underserved areas of healthcare. Let us help keep your business happy and healthy, too.

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