The world of employee
healthcare is changing.
Are you?

When you give your employees support for menopause, fertility, men’s health and more,
you’re not just looking out for them – you’re looking out for your business too.

Key features of the Peppy app

Employees have unlimited access to every feature at no cost to them.

Why offer support
from Peppy?


Improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your people at home and at work, so they can bring their best selves to work.

Employer brand

Enhance your reputation as a destination brand that people are proud to work for, a caring employer and an industry leader.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Attract and retain a diverse workforce and normalise the conversation around key health issues across your whole workforce.

People goals

Tackle sickness, absence and attrition whilst boosting engagement and performance by looking after your people.

I have retained talent ... I have avoided recruitment costs and time lost and I have secured grown experience within the firm which has a cost I cannot quantify

Mandy Willis

Group Board Director of Corporate Strategy


Since launching Peppy in 2021, Mace has seen the positive impact on talent attraction and retention – particuarly amongst female colleagues

It's very reassuring to have Peppy in the event of something going wrong. Peppy is to me what a cuddle is to a baby!

Peppy User


It's true – employees love Peppy. Our NPS score is consistently 'excellent', rated 70 or above. Every day, we receive feedback like this...

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