Men matter: Addressing the impact of male fertility on business

August 2, 2023

From our school days, we’re taught about the ‘birds and the bees’ with an unmistakable emphasis on female fertility, when in fact male-factor infertility makes up around 50% of all cases. In our modern age, it’s astounding how this outdated narrative continues to dominate not just societal discourse, but also workplace health policies across the globe. It’s time we rebalanced this equation. Men’s fertility is an integral part of the reproductive story and needs equal attention and support.

Men’s fertility: An overlooked aspect of employee wellness

When we consider employee wellbeing, organisations often provide support for stress management, mental health, and even female fertility. However, a crucial aspect frequently overlooked is men’s fertility.

This absence of support not only impacts men’s physical and emotional health but also has far-reaching implications for businesses.


The Business Impact

Steps to support men’s fertility in the workplace

  1. Start the conversation – Break the silence around men’s fertility. It’s time we normalise discussions about male fertility in the workplace, just as we’ve done for other health issues. Organisations can host informational sessions, bring in health experts, and create safe spaces for open dialogues.
  2. Implement comprehensive, inclusive health policies – Ensure your health policies are inclusive. Fertility support should cover all genders (including women, men and non-binary people), and men should have access to benefits such as fertility testing and treatments, counselling services, and flexible working hours when necessary.
  3. Educate your leadership team – Train your leadership team to understand and empathise with male fertility issues. They should feel equipped to handle sensitive conversations and even feel empowered to talk about their own experiences with their team members, which in turn will reduce stigma and promote an inclusive workplace culture.

In conclusion

Men’s fertility is a crucial aspect of employee wellbeing that’s been underrepresented for far too long. By addressing this issue, businesses can not only improve their employees’ health and wellbeing but also boost productivity, retention and reputation.

As businesses, we must strive to create an inclusive environment where men’s fertility is acknowledged, supported and treated with the sensitivity it deserves. The time to act is now. Let’s work together to bring about this much-needed change.

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