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Women’s Health

Women's Health: the complete solution for women at every stage

Peppy's women's health support provides specialist care for areas of health which are often underserved. Delays in diagnosis and lack of specialist, accessible support have wider ramifications for your female colleagues' health and quality of life.

1 in 10

women experience endometriosis (yet it takes 7.5 years to diagnose)


of working-age women have experienced at least 4 women's health conditions


of women have taken time off work because of their period in the last 6 months

2 in 3

women feel uncomfortable talking about health issues with their workplace

Give your female workforce the personalised support they need

Delays in diagnosis and lack of support have a negative impact on women's health, as well as their engagement and productivity at work. It's time to give women of all ages and life stages the right health support, by connecting them to women's health experts at the moment that's right for them.

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What areas of women's health does Peppy support?

Peppy has launched a digital workplace wellbeing solution that gives female employees personalised support, at the touch of a button.

The support women need at every stage

Health and lifestyle

Health and lifestyle

Weight management, nutrition, exercise and general health

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and sleep support

Reproductive health

Reproductive health

Periods, fertility, menopause and gynae issues

Inclusive to LGBTQ+

Inclusive to LGBTQ+

For anyone assigned female at birth or who self-identifies as female

What’s more, we are…


We’re here for everyone, whatever their age, whatever their gender, for your colleagues and their partners too.


We appreciate there are some subjects that people find hard to talk about. We make it easy, we keep it between us.


No more fruitless Google searches or half-formed pictures. Our practitioners know the whole story.


Your people can reach us on their smartphone, at a time that suits them. No time off needed.

"I am so grateful for this service"

Introducing a support service aimed at increasing health equality

Available and accessible

Available and accessible

Peppy facilitates comfortable and valuable interactions, access to reliable information and requires no IT requirements or training to use, meaning it's easy to assess and onboard.

Breaking down stigmas

Breaking down stigmas

Taboos and stigmas prevent women from seeking help. Support women in your workforce by giving them access to confidential and tailored support, right from the comfort of their phones.

Human by design

Human by design

With specialist evidence based programmes, peer to peer chat and tailored mental wellbeing support, Peppy provides your workforce with an inclusive and supportive way to manage their health.

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Why is women's health support
good for business?

  • Women's Health fills the gaps left between Fertility, Baby and Menopause support, providing guidance and resources for women at all life stages.
  • Healthcare systems focus on a disease orientated approach, often ignoring the physical and emotional issues that many women experience.
  • When you keep your team healthy and happy, you help your organisation achieve its cultural and commercial goals.
  • Following a trial of Peppy with a leading retail bank, 90% of users felt more positively about their employer after just 4 weeks.

Leading businesses are working with Peppy to support their workforce through underserved areas of healthcare. Let us help keep your business happy and healthy, too.

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