Menopause support with Peppy

More and more businesses are taking action to support menopause.
Why? Because menopause is a workplace issue.
Women of menopausal age are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce today

85% of women experience menopause symptoms

95% of businesses recognise that menopause negatively impacts work

1 in 10 women leave their job because of menopause symptoms

59% of women have taken time off work because of menopause symptoms

Menopause support
that really works

From improving menopause symptoms to increasing employee satisfaction,
Peppy’s menopause support transforms your people – and your business

What sets Peppy apart


We’re here for everyone, whatever their age, whatever their gender, for your colleagues and their partners too


We know there are some subjects that people find hard to talk about. We make it easy, we keep it between us


Good for people, great for business


Your people can reach us on their mobile, at a time that suits them. No time off or long wait times required

Good for people,
great for business

Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is widest for women over 50. Menopause support will benefit your organisation's gender pay gap

Ageing workforce

People are working longer. Invest in the wellbeing of your senior workforce, and invest in their talent, knowledge and skills

Diversity, equality and inclusion

95% of employers rated menopause support as effective or highly effective for enhancing diversity, equality and inclusion

Employer brand

The proof is here: 81% of Peppy Menopause users felt more committed to their employer for offering Peppy

Support for every menopause journey

Every experience of menopause is different. Peppy offers support and information to help your workforce thrive

8-week menopause course

Leading clinical menopause specialist, Kathy Abernethy, has created this unique 8-week course to address the issues people face during menopause – like dealing with hot flushes, and the impact of menopause on close relationships. And there’s expert practitioner-moderated group chat, for those who want to share their experience in a safe, informed space.

Mental wellbeing support

Menopause isn’t simply about dealing with hot flushes. Psychological symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog and insomnia can put a strain on your colleagues’ home and work life. It’s why Peppy offers one-to-one instant messaging with specialist mental wellbeing practitioners, so your people always have someone to talk to when they need it.

Live virtual events

Peppy’s informal, interactive weekly events, featuring Peppy practitioners and leading voices in healthcare, cover the topics that matter to users such as ‘How sex changes during menopause’, ‘Understanding your teenager’, and ‘How to cope with anxiety using simple CBT tools’. We also offer live virtual events to support your people’s training and education. It’s all included with Peppy.

It says a lot about your brand as an employer if you're supporting menopause in the workplace.

Theresa Winters
Employee Experience Proposition UK
Santander launched menopause support with Peppy in 2019. After just four weeks, 90% of app users said they felt more positive about their employer as a result.

It's true – employees love Peppy. Our NPS score is consistently 'excellent', rated 70 or above. Every day, we receive feedback like this...

I was struggling with peri-menopausal symptoms on a daily basis. My one to one consultation was brilliant, I love the fact I can ask questions through the app and get expert advice within a matter of hours. I would encourage anyone suffering symptoms to use Peppy. It’s a game changer.

Change your business
for the better

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