Workplace Men's Health support
with Peppy

The way we support men when it comes to health and wellbeing needs to change.
Peppy’s Men’s Health support allows employers to empower male colleagues to take control of their health, with personalised care from experts.

39% of employers say male employees not addressing health issues until they become severe causes distruption

1 in 5 men will die before they are old enough to retire (age 65)

26% of employers say presenteeism (coming to work whilst sick) is a problem among male employees

Men of working age visit the GP 50% less than working women

Men's Health support that really works

Peppy is the first app-based digital health solution that gives employees holistic, personalised support, designed specifically for men.

What sets Peppy apart?


We’re here for everyone, whatever their age, whatever their gender, for your colleagues and their partners too.


We know there are some subjects that people find hard to talk about. We make it easy, we keep it between us.


No more fruitless Google searches or half-formed pictures. Our practitioners know the whole story.


Your people can reach us on their mobile, at a time that suits them. No time off or long wait times required.

Why is Peppy
good for business?

Healthy lifestyle

On average, men work longer hours than women, making them more at risk of stress, overworking, fatigue, anger and irritation.


Generally, men are less able to access traditional health and wellbeing services and benefits. Peppy solves that problem.

Age diversity

1 in 4 employers struggle to attract and retain older (50+) employees, losing the vital knowledge and experience they bring.

Employer brand

82% of employers already include or plan to offer men's health support. Leading businesses can't afford not to.

"Peppy is a game changer"

Peppy is a first-of-its-kind, digital health
service for men, giving male employees the
tools they need at every stage.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Working men are 50% less likely than working women to visit their GP. With Peppy’s Men’s Health support, your colleagues can access trustworthy information written by experts at the touch of a button, 24/7.

Emotional wellbeing support

12.5% of men have experienced a common mental health problem. Peppy connects men to experienced mental health experts over chat and video calls, so they can talk about how they’re feeling with no fear of judgement.

Discreet and easy-to-use

Research shows that men are more likely to engage with health services that are confidential and accessible remotely. With Peppy, employees can connect to a men’s health expert on their phone, without anyone having to know.

The best employees are going to go where the best benefits and support are and where they feel valued, and that's where we thought Peppy has a real part to play.
We recognise there are gaps in the market. With Peppy, we're able to reach employees who would not otherwise get that support.

Anna Cotgreave

Reward and Employee Benefits Manager

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance launched Men's Health support with Peppy in 2022. 280 Clifford Chance employees have signed up to Peppy and are able to access personalised support on the app.

All your experts are in one pot, on one app. You can approach anybody you like, any time you want – and they'll be there.

Peppy Men's Health User

It's true – employees love Peppy. Our NPS score is consistently 'excellent', rated 70 or above. Every day, we receive feedback like this...

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